Milking machine

Recently, I came close to buying a milking machine.  I am so glad I came to my senses and decided to continue to do it the old-fashioned way.  How stupid is that when I am more than capable of milking without electricity or a noisy machine.

Sometimes I wonder about myself …

This morning, I timed how long it takes me to milk out a goat from washing her udder to dumping the milk into a clean container.  Except for one goat that has a sore udder (more on that later), the longest one took me five minutes.  It would probably take me longer than that to hook a goat up to a milk machine, unhook her, disconnect the contraption and dump the milk.

Poor Heavenly (a new goat).  She has a large udder.  She gives a gallon a milking.  One of the first days I had her, I put her down with the other goats into the woods.  She cut up her udder and it’s sore.  She’s been very tolerant of a process that must be extremely painful for her.  While it seems like it takes me forever to milk her, it only took me 12 minutes to milk her out.

While her udder is larger than normal, some of my other goats have cut their udders in those woods.  I won’t put them down there any more, at least not while they are in milk.  There are plenty of other places to let them browse without putting them in danger.

They are not inclined to go out much at all these days.  It’s too bloody hot.

Wally and I spent the morning cleaning up and around the milking parlor.  It looks very nice.

Until later …