I’m starting to feel downright unemployable.  That’s a sad feeling, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

A friend of mine sent me a link to an article that indicated that employers were only considering individuals who were currently employed.  I can understand that, I really can.  I am sure a lot of unemployed people are sitting around doing nothing.  I’m certainly not one of them.

So, I’ve decided to update my resume to show what I’ve been doing since I was laid off as follows:

Started and currently run a small, but productive dairy; have become a master cheese maker; designed and constructed an organic garden using French Intensive Methods with the intention of selling Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) shares in 2011.

Granted, I’m not a master cheese maker, but I can make cheese better than most people.

In my cover letter, I’d inform the potential employer that I am a highly trained paralegal and very much want to get back to work as a paralegal, but until I am able to find a job within my profession, I’ve been keeping busy and making do.  I believe what I’ve done over the past year and a half shows creativity, ingenuity and a willingness to work really hard.  I’ve worked harder since I’ve been unemployed than I did when I was employed; I’m just not making any money at it.

There’s still that local paralegal job that I need to apply for.

I’ve found happiness in areas where a lot of people have not: my personal life.  Wally and I are extremely happy together.  I live in a beautiful place, grow and produce a lot of what we eat and enjoy doing it and I have my health.   I just don’t have a real job.

Well, Wally is about finished mowing and I have a little bit more cleaning to do here in the house.  We both spent a little bit of time in the garden and I’m still sweating.  Everything is growing like crazy; soon we’ll be harvesting tomatoes!  I wish I had got things in a bit earlier, but there’s always next year.

This afternoon, I compiled a list of fall vegetable seeds to order and when to plant them.  My season will be able to be extended for some vegetables because of the hoops on the beds.

Until later …

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