Poor Yoda

I got him stuck in the manure pit yesterday.  Had to call Wally to leave work and pull him out with the Big Red truck.  Poor Yoda.

We finished another raised bed yesterday.  In keeping up with the Fabulous Beekman Boys (that’s my goal these days); this bed is six-feet by three and 16″ tall.  I have a long way to go to catch up to their 52 raised beds, but I’m working on it.  Even if it includes getting poor Yoda stuck in manure.  The soil in the area where I put the new bed (against the milk parlor) is so bad that I simply filled it with composted horse manure and sawdust.  I got a bunch of herb plants for $1 at a local hardware store.  That’s what this bed will be used for: herbs.

Spent about 30 minutes weeding under a sprinkler yesterday.  Tried to get Wally to help, but he stood on the sidelines.  The puppies had a ball running through the water from the sprinkler.  We can’t decide which puppy to keep so right now, we are keeping both of them.

I promised Wally I’d stay out of trouble today.  If I don’t, he’s threatened to take Yoda away and get me another station wagon.

Until later …