Greetings from the oven

Okay, this heat wave can stop any day now.  We are into our 12th straight day of 90+ heat with no end in sight.  I go out and work on the garden, check the animals, etc. for 30 minutes or so, then come back in.  It’s too hot to stay out any longer.  As soon as I finished milking this morning, I headed over to the horse farm and got six more tubs full of horse manure.  This was to complete the bed that is in front of the milk parlor.  Now I can plant the herbs.  I did a bit of weeding in the main garden and checked the tomato plants for any ripe ones, covered the bed in back of the house to keep the chickens out of it (they were having a jolly good time scratching it up), watered the horses, chickens, goats, etc.  Except for water checks, that is about all I’m going to do outside until later this evening when I have to go out to milk.  I need an air conditioner in my milk parlor!  I’m thinking that milking at 10 or 12:00 at night might be my best bet for getting it done without sweating to death.

In honor of my birthday next week, Wally has taken Monday and Tuesday off from work and I’ve already got the list started of what we want to get done.  The plan is to get up early, work until it gets too hot to be outside, then come in and watch movies and nap.  We’ve got fencing to finish down back, electric rope to install on the horse paddock to keep shithead (Merlin) from hanging over the fence (why he has to hang over the fence to eat grass when he’s got access ten acres of grass is beyond me), shave Rose, trim goat hooves, finish the beds in the back of the house, etc., etc.

Perhaps when we get all of the projects done is when a real job will come available for me.  Or maybe as soon as I turn 50, I’ll run out of energy and then the projects will have to be done.  I surely don’t feel almost 50.  In fact, I’ve got more energy these days than I’ve had in a long time.

Today I’m in the process of making lots of salads.  So far, I’ve got chicken salad and tuna pasta salad cooling in the refrigerator.  Soon I’ll start boiling potatoes and eggs for potato salad.  I came across a recipe for Tex-Mex coleslaw which I think I’ll put together after a trip to the local farmer’s market tomorrow.  It’s too hot to eat hot food.

Until later …