Use and reuse

What seems like years ago, and it may very well have been years ago, I made a hay feeder for the goats.  It worked okay, but the babies would often crawl into it and get stuck and of course while they were in there, they soiled the hay.  Goats are notoriously picky eaters.  If it falls on the ground, no matter how nice the hay is, they won’t eat it.  Baby goats peeing and pooping on it makes it downright disgusting (if you are a goat).  Luckily, sheep and cows happily eat the hay that the goats turn up their noses at.

We retired this hay feeder a long time ago.  It’s been sitting out behind the dog runs just waiting for a use.  It almost became a goose-transport cage.

The new Fabulous Beekman Boys aired last night and I watched it this morning.  They showed one of the guys (I’m terrible with names) picking pickling cucumbers from a trellis made from a piece of cattle panel.  Cattle (hog, goat, etc.) panels are wonderful inventions.  They are right up there with zip ties.  When I saw that, I remembered that old hay feeder.  Hay Hey! The sides to that hay feeder are already the right size to make a trellis for my cucumbers.

So, off I went outside in the blazing hot heat to disassemble the hay feeder.  There must have been a mile of electric wire holding the damned thing together.  It’s now in pieces up near the dog run.  I might go down and put it together this evening, but most likely,  I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

The garden is full of volunteer plants.  One of which, I thought was gourds, is butternut squash!  What bonus!  I love butternut squash.  According to the planting guides, it’s too early to grow butternut squash, but I guess no one told this particular plant this.  Tomorrow morning (see, I’m already putting it off) I have to get down there and trim up some of the tomato plants.  One could get lost in them.

One good thing the heat has done: it’s got me back to reading way-cool Blogs like Farmgirl Fare. WOW! She’s got some amazingly good recipes.  I’m getting hungry just looking at them!

Until later …