Which puppy to keep?

Both Wally and I have been going back and forth as to which puppy to keep.  It’s been a very difficult decision.  We both kept leaning towards Kishi, but there have been some recent developments in her temperament that I haven’t been to thrilled with.

I’ve been bringing them into the house one at a time for several days now in an effort to get to know them better.  Last night, it was Mica’s turn.  I took him down to the garden with me and as I was weeding I saw him running through the yard dragging a log that was bigger than he was!  He looked just like a mini-Gel.

While we were in the house, I had Mica on a long line.  As he was bucking and rearing and carrying on like a wild horse, Gel walked up and stood next to him.  This is the first time Gel has come any where near any of the puppies.  Normally he avoids them like they were wasps.  Mica jumped on him, pulled at his ruff and then his tail.  Gel just stood there; he didn’t even raise his lip.  Weird.

I guess Mica will be the one to keep.  It’s just as well.  It will be a lot easier keeping two males and because she’s so pretty, Kishi will be easier to find another home for.

Thanks Gel, yet again.

Until later …