Not a banner morning …

It started out fine.  Wally and I got to watch two deer travel through the backyard.  I caught Merlin and brought him up towards the house to put fly spray on him and his new fly mask.  Ditto with Al Bin.  I put them back up and settled in to milk the goats.  All went well except that the babies that we put up for the evening, so I could have their mothers’ milk in the morning, all got back in with their mothers so I didn’t get the milk.  Tonight they’ll go up in the kid pen.

After I finished milking, I brought the goats down into the back pasture.  The intention was that they’d eat their way around through the side pasture back up to the front, but what do they do?  Come back in through the barbed wire in back of the horse paddock.  Then the horses begin a fine game of goat pin ball.  I didn’t realize right away what was going on.  It was Rose barking that let me know that something was going on.

And, what goat goes into the thickest brush to escape the horses?  The one with the biggest udder … the udder which is finally healing up from her last stint in the thick brush.  Thick brush didn’t deter the horses who went in after her.

Finally I got all of the goats out and of course there were udder injuries.  Luckily nothing too severe, but it could have been a lot worst.

The horses are now on the shit list and once again, I have advertised Merlin for sale at a price that I think he’ll go at.  Once he goes, I’ll give Al Bin a chance to live peacefully with the goats and cows.  If he cannot, then he will go back to where he came from.  Screw this horse business.  Neither horse is worth one goat, not to mention a Jersey cow.  I don’t take the time or even inclination to ride now, I’m surely not going to take the time when I go back to work.  Horses are nothing more than a luxury which we cannot afford.

It has been so hot and dry lately I’m starting to worry about availability of hay.  We have received virtually no rain over the past month and most of the month has been 90 degrees plus.  The hay fields that have not been cut (all of the ones around us) are dry and brown.  We have a good amount of hay in our storage building and this morning I picked up a round bale of rye hay which we’ll install where both Gwen and the goats can eat it … and hopefully the installation will be such that the goats cannot climb on it.  Gwen has decided that she likes this rye candy hay and has been breaking into the goat shelter to get it.  Because the grass is so high, she has a hard time maneuvering out in the front pasture so she’s been spending more time in with the goats.  Ideally, I’d be able to put her down in the back pasture, but I can’t trust that the two worthless horses won’t chase her.  Another reason to move the horses on: so we don’t have to feed them over the winter.  With a few minor renovations, the horse paddock will make a great buck lot and a place to wean cows.

I want to go back to work so I won’t have to deal with all of this crap.  I want my old job back, but it ain’t happening.  I’m starting to look at jobs like package handling at UPS.  It’s all pretty sad.  Twenty-five plus years as a paralegal and I can’t get a job in my profession.  Oh, but the economy is getting better, right?  Bullshit.

Until later …