All’s good

All’s good since my last post.  A couple did come out to look at Merlin.  They drove all the way from the Virginia border pulling a four horse trailer so I figured they were pretty serious about buying him.  They must have had more money than sense; or maybe being retired they had a lot of extra time; or maybe they thought they were going to get something good for nothing.

As soon as the woman got out of the truck, I knew Merlin was way too much horse for her.  Merlin, being the shit head that he is, put on a jolly good show for them.  The woman’s husband knew horses and perhaps if I had talked to him beforehand, they wouldn’t have driven all that way to look at a horse that was not suitable.  I was clear both in my advertisement and on the telephone about his issues, but apparently all that she heard was that he really was only 14.3 hands high.  My farrier insists that Merlin is a Paso Fino.  I doubt that and the husband seconded that belief.  He’s Arabian through and through and as such, is not suitable for working (his words, not mine); the only thing an Arabian is suited for is to go.  Talking to him made me realize that to sell Merlin for $200 is downright stupid.  Most anyone who would buy him for that price

Since I had Merlin tacked up, after they left I went ahead and road him.  I really should ride him more often, I truly do enjoy it.  If all goes well, I’ll be going up to the mountains on Sunday for a three to four hour trail ride.  That will be fun and maybe I’ll meet some local people to ride with.

Most of yesterday was shot doing errands and visits.  I don’t know what it is, but anyone coming here these days tends to stay for hours.

Today didn’t start out too well.  The lap top went belly up again.  I’m going to give it a proper burial this time and look for a replacement, probably the same model or at least class of lap top.  It’s been a good lap top.  I had been using it on top of one of my small freezers and I don’t think that was such a good idea because the top of the freezer is warm and that coupled with the hot weather we’ve been experiencing probably contributed to its demise.  I spent a good deal of time researching how I might fix it and then what to replace it with.  There are a couple of irons in the fire.

I think I have a good home lined up for Kishi with a local homesteading family.  They came out yesterday to see her and are taking the weekend to think it over.  It would be a good home for her so I hope they decide to take her.  I’ve spent a good deal of time messing around with Mica today and I feel certain he’s the best one for us to keep.

Oh, the weather has been lovely today.  I have been able to work in my office with a fan running to keep the air circulating.  I didn’t have to turn on the fan in my milk room.  I had more visitors today and the pleasant weather made their visit extremely enjoyable.  Maybe I should look into Agritourism as people really seem to enjoy visiting the farm.  I need to get out and take some pictures!

There isn’t a lot on the agenda this weekend.  I have to get my carrot seeds planted and there are at least a half a million tomatoes to harvest and I might can some.  The ground is too hard to do any fencing.  Since it hasn’t rained, the grass hasn’t grown much so Wally may not need to mow.  Whatever will we do with ourselves and its a three day weekend to boot????  Sunday will be shot, at least for me, with my trial ride and of course Saturdays are spent going to the farmers market (we don’t buy much, we don’t have to, but we like to go and visit) and running errands.

Until later …