The best Fourth of July ever

We headed out at around 6 AM with Merlin in tow to a friend of Wally’s.  We off-loaded Merlin and then put him in Wally’s friend’s trailer (a slant-load, not sure if Merlin has ever been in one of those, but he loaded like a pro).  Then we headed out to South Mountain and rode with a bunch of other people for over four hours.  It was wonderful!  Merlin blew the tails off the Quarter Horses.  That horse puts his head down and goes, goes, goes, goes.  The area was lovely, relatively bug-free and until the end of the ride, quite cool.  We went through two large rivers, over a big wooden bridge, up over some pretty rough rock, etc.  It was so much fun.  I’m so glad I didn’t sell him.

Then we came back to a place not too far from us called the Ponderosa.  It’s where they have horse shows every month and Cowboy Church.  Wally met me down there and we stayed for Cowboy Church and a barbecue.  It was a lot of fun.  I rode Merlin again in the arena.  It was as if he hadn’t already been ridden four hours that day.  I’m not a terribly religious person, but I sort of like Cowboy Church.  They meet on Wednesday nights so your weekends are not cluttered with church service, the reason for that is so that you can go out to shows and trail rides on the weekend, church out of the way.  The people are incredibly nice.  The ladies asked me to come out on Sunday and try out for a flag carrying team they are starting up.  Not sure how that will work, but it’s worth a try and it will be good for Merlin.  Wally brought Gel with him and that was perfectly fine.  What church lets you bring a horse and a dog.  We plan to go this Wednesday and I’ll bring Merlin again so I can ride him in the arena either before or after the service.

Saturday morning we drove to Charlotte to pick-up a used lap top computer, drop off my desk top to get more RAM installed and pick-up Bella (Mica and Kishi’s sister).  The lap top was perfect and extremely reasonable, especially when part of the purchase price was paid with cheese, eggs, meat and vegetables.  I highly recommend the man I got it from.  If you are in the Charlotte area and what is contact information, write me for it.

Got to go and milk, I’m way late.

Until later …