Very odd

I logged into my e-mail program this morning and received numerous daemon mail failure notices for e-mails I did not send.  They were sent to contacts in the address book contained on the desk top computer that I left with the repair person in Charlotte on Saturday.  Oddly, I’ve been unable to get that guy on the phone.  I hope everything turns out okay.  It all seemed perfectly fine while we were there and I know where he lives; at least I think he lives there.  It’s concerning.

We got a little bit of rain last night.  Just enough to make it really, really soupy this morning.

I need to get out and milk and that’s the last thing I feel like doing right now.

Good news on the job search: the job market is supposed to be poor for at least four more years.  Lovely.  A little tiny bit of me thinks I shouldn’t have left the Wal-Mart job.


Off to milk.

Until later …