Productive Saturday

Saturday was a very productive day. Took the dogs (Monty is here too) for a run as soon as it got light, then put the puppies up in the fenced in area and worked Gel in the big field. He’s getting so much more responsive on his whistles.

Then I came in and got a bit of cleaning done. I had to drive to Statesville for rabbits and planned it so I could catch a butcher shop in Taylorsville (May’s Meats) right as they were ready to close. May’s Meats has very good chicken and often on Saturdays right before closing they mark the chicken down half price. It’s hit or miss, sometimes there isn’t a lot of chicken left and they don’t mark it down and sometimes there’s lots of chicken. I hit it right and left with a huge box full of chicken breast at about $1/pound and a good-sized box of beef bones.

I meet my rabbit supplier in Lowe’s parking lot in Statesville. Prior to meeting her, I went into Lowes and bought 15 bags of drainage rock. Fern has dug a few holes in her run and I wanted to fill the holes with rock (if I filled them with dirt, she’d just dig it out again) and intended to put some rock at the base of the stairs going into my house to cut down on the amount of mud being tracked in. When it rains (glorious rain!) puddles form at the base of the stairs.

Putting 15 bags of rock into a sedan is not a good idea! Luckily I was going back home through back roads in order to get to May’s Meats so I drove slow.

Got home and put the rock down. It looks good! Unloaded the meat and rabbits then started picking up and organizing outside. It’s been very windy lately and stuff was everywhere. Then set three rolls of ElectroNet … can I tell you how nice it is to be able to set my ElectroNet? Ever since May of last year, it has been so dry and the ground was so hard, I was unable to get the stakes in the ground. I set it around my agility field so I can put the sheep in there during the day when I’m at work so they can mow the area and I won’t have to move equipment to do it with the lawn mower.

Then my landlords came over and dropped off their Great Dane whom I’ll have through Thursday of next week. I can do without Great Danes. The only benefit of a dog that big is that you don’t have to lean over to reach her collar.

As I write this, Nettie (one of my cats) is resting her head on my wrist (it’s hard to type with a cat on your wrist), Gel and Fern are lying at my feet.

Life is good.