Lately, I’ve been focusing almost solely on Gel’s training and except for manners and occasionally letting her go around sheep (which I’m not doing much of now), I haven’t been doing much with Fern.

It’s time to rectify that situation.

Smart dogs, give them an inch, they’ll take a yard, Border Collies take a mile.

Fern is enrolled in a beginning agility class starting the beginning of April. I really don’t want to go, but I’m going to force myself to. I need to work with Fern …

She isn’t necessarily being bad, but her obedience isn’t as sharp as it once was. I used to look down on clicker training, but it is a great way to do obedience work. It used to be, when I was working her, when I asked for a sit, she’d do it quickly with focus, looking for her treat. Now it’s more, “oh, I’m not sure I know what you want me to do, looking at Gel, what do I do?” Fern has inherited Midge’s tendency to be overly submissive, meaning she does a lot of squirming on the floor, curling and looking at you as if you are going to beat her, even though she’s never been beat in her life. I don’t like this and hope she grows out of it. She’s not like this on stock.

So, the goal today (Sunday) is to get some of Fern’s sharpness back and make it a point to keep it there. I will be an over-achiever in our upcoming agility class, meaning, we’ll do the homework so that we can progress. It wouldn’t hurt to try to get Fern ready to compete in agility by the time she’s two. Given her structure, that shouldn’t be a problem for her.