A restful weekend.

It was awfully nice to have a pretty free and easy weekend for a change. I was even able to take a couple of short naps on Sunday. I still got quite a bit done too.

I am taking care of my Landlord’s Great Dane until Thursday of this week. Gosh, how can anyone live with such a big dog? Her crate is set up in their cabin which is down by the pond, but last night, I tried to bring her in the house with the plan to put her in my x-pen with a dog bed to lie on, but she couldn’t climb the stairs to my house. She stumbles and falls a lot too. I don’t know if it’s because she’s still young (eight months old) or there’s something wrong with her. The Border Collies run circles around her when they are out together. In addition to the Great Dane, I have Monty until tomorrow. This morning I had to play musical dogs to get them settled for the day.

For the first time in a long time I was able to put the sheep in ElectroNet with the charge going! I was so pleased that it’s working. I wasn’t able to use it much of last year due to the drought. I couldn’t get the posts in the ground and the charge wouldn’t work properly because the ground was too dry. I watched as the sheep walked up to the fence, I’m sure with the thought in their rotten little minds “you think this is going to hold us?” and one or two touched the fence with their nose. They bounced back in a group from the shock. Yes! Life is good!

The five chickens are in the fenced-in area where I was keeping the sheep with the task of moving old hay and manure around so the grass will eventually grow back.

There’s a chance I might be able to get three just weaned bull calves to keep for a few weeks. A friend of a friend has three that need to be weaned and then grained-up prior to being sold. I told him I’d be happy to keep them at my place, grain them and then I’d have daily access to cattle so that Gel and I can figure out the beasts. He’ll have more that the same thing will need to be done later on so I could have a steady supply of test subjects. Heck, I might even buy one off him and have it butchered for meat for the dogs and cats.

Gosh, when I remember almost two years ago now when I got my first goat kids: seven high percentage Boer steer goats, what a mess that was! Gel knew more about stock than I did, but he was a young, pushy dog so it was usually disastrous whenever we took the “kids” out for a walk. A couple of times, they even ended up in the pond! Who knew goats could swim, but they can. Sheep can too. We’ve come a long way since then.