Dogs teaching each other

Many times people have asked me if Gel would teach another dog how to work stock and I always tell them no, but I’m starting to wonder about that.  Dogs are extremely observant creatures and great mimickers.  Who knows what they could learn from another dog.  Mica couldn’t have a better role model.

Mica has been a delightfully easy puppy to live with.  The only complaint is that he’s a “piddle puppy” meaning he has a hard time controlling his bladder when excited or if it is full.  He’s sleeping through the night, but when I take him outside in the morning, I put a towel under his belly to collect any dribble, which is inevitable.  My memory is that Gel was the same way as a young dog and I think it may be a “male thing” and I believe I remember that complaint from one of the male puppies from the Midge x Gel litter.  All in all, he is bright, quite clever and really pleasant to be around.

The past couple of mornings that I’ve brought the goats and calf down to the side pasture, he’s come along with us.  He isn’t exactly helping, but I can see the wheels turning.  He’s starting to lower his head and tail when he’s watching animals move.  It will be interesting to see how he turns out.

Gosh, I’m covered in mud.  We got some nice showers yesterday.  Bad storms, including potential tornado activity, passed just below us.  Wally was visiting his mother at the time and they evacuated all the residents and visitors out of their rooms and into the hallways.

The pigs are a hoot.  They are such happy, intelligent creatures.  Granted, they are a mess and you become a mess when dealing with them, but they make you laugh.  As I write this, they are in the goat pasture, the goats and calf are out in the front pasture and Gwen is in the side yard.  That’s where they’ll all stay until it starts to get hot.  Not that it isn’t already hot, I’m sweating like crazy, but that’s primarily due to the high humidity.  It is going to dry off for two days with temperatures in the 90’s with more unsettled weather returning the end of the week.  I’m hoping it will have rained enough to do some fencing this weekend, but that may not be possible.

The plan is to get back down into the garden today and do more weeding and harvesting.  I’m toying with putting a few more green bean seeds into one of the beds to see if they’ll produce at this time of year.  Apparently in this area of the country, they do better in late summer, early fall.  I have about six plants that are beginning to bloom, but they are getting a lot of shade from sunflowers on one side and a trellis of cucumbers on the other.

Must take pictures!

Until later …