We ain’t no damned factory farm!

There’s this couple that I’ve known for quite a while now.  I met them while I was doing obedience with Gel.  They are very nice people and they started buying eggs from us a while back.  They’d order four dozen at a time, then we wouldn’t hear from them for months.  I hadn’t heard from them in many months and I thought that they were through ordering from us until I got an e-mail the beginning of the week asking for six dozen eggs!

I almost wrote them and told them no, that we couldn’t short our regular customers, but as it turns out, several of our regular customers are out of town this week and next so I had extra eggs.  It took me several days to accumulate six dozen eggs, but this will be the last time I accept a large order out of the blue from these people and told them that this morning.  They took it well, especially when I explained that I had regular customers and I didn’t want to short them.  They agreed to get on a more regular schedule in the future.

It isn’t like we have 100 chickens in boxes laying eggs that travel down a conveyor belt into egg boxes.  We have about 30 chickens that I have to feed and water twice a day, let out every morning so they can eat what nature designed them to eat and then put them back up at night.  There is so much more involved than buying a carton of eggs or a Styrofoam-wrapped piece of meat in a grocery store.

Off to milk my goats and take care of the rest of the critters.  Gel has become extremely useful in sorting and exhausting the goats while I milk.  I have too many goats to leave tied in the hitching area for any length of time as they end up fighting, which is irritating as hell.  I bring in a few at a time and when I’m through, Gel exhausts them back into the pasture and keeps them there until I call him back to exhaust more goats.  He keeps the damned rowdy calf off me when I go in to feed him.  He takes the chickens out of the milk parlor if they make their way in there.  He’s probably the most useful tool on this farm.

Until later …