of being sweaty and stinking.

Just got in from taking care of my animals, farm sitting (hopefully this will be the last visit), dropping off eggs and cheese and picking up a bag of ice (our ice maker doesn’t keep up with the demand on hot days).  The heat index is only 93 degrees.  I’m drenched in sweat, covered in alfalfa leaves, dirt and who knows what else and stink to high heaven.  It’s almost not worth taking a shower because you don’t feel refreshed when you come out.

After I milked them this morning, I kicked the goats and calf out into the side pasture then ran a line of field fence across the opening in the fence, hoping to prevent them from congregating in the driveway in front of the gate.  When I got back from running my errands, several of them were in the driveway.  I didn’t attach the field fence well enough and they went under it.  Persistent, evil creatures!  I shooed all but one back under the fence.  Billy escaped and headed down the driveway back into the goat pasture.  I got Gel and we moved her sorry butt back out with the others and once she was behind the fence, I had Gel drive them back down the hill to the side pasture.

I’ve tried limiting the amount of hay that they get so that they’ll be hungry enough to go out and eat, but all that does is reduce the amount of milk they give.  I don’t want them lazing around in the goat pasture all day.  They need to learn to be goats and one way or another, I am going to make them stay out in the pasture.  I hate that we have to keep Spot in the poultry pasture and if I put the goats out I can put him with them.  Gwen is in the yard grazing.  Maybe we’ll be able to assemble her portable paddock this weekend.  That will be a relatively easy task … famous last words.

I can’t wait until we finish fencing in the back pasture so that I can bring the sorry lot of them down to the far side of the pasture and leave them there: behind charged ElectroNet.

Moving the goats and calf to the side pasture:

Make me!

Off to make myself something to eat.  I’m the only creature on this farm that has not had anything to eat yet today.

What a beautiful thing to be able to go down to the garden and pick fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for lunch.

Until later …