When I went out to pick some cucumbers and tomatoes for my lunch, I brought the camera along with me.  About time I got these photos taken.  The raised beds have been a very rewarding project.

The photo below shows the two raised beds we’ve installed in the main garden.  The bed in the foreground is minimally planted.  I’ll be putting in beets and other fall vegetables in the next month or so.  The bed in the background is well planted.  There are dwarf (supposedly) sunflowers planted on the right (north side) and trellised cucumbers on the right.  Also in the garden is rosemary, sage and green beans.

Here is a close-up of the minimally planted bed.  We are experimenting with using a piece of cattle panel to hold the tomato plants up.  These are young plants which will hopefully bear fruit in another month.  Beside the bed are tomato plants in field fence cages, a very bad idea as harvesting the tomatoes is difficult, at best.

Volunteer, trellised butternut squash, wilting in the heat.

Trellised cucumbers:

Think I need to pick tomatoes?

The two raised beds near the house.  The one in the foreground has sweet potatoes and carrots planted.  The one in the background is reserved for lettuce.  Both of these beds will be covered by plastic when it gets cold and utilized all winter.  If all goes well, I’ll start tomato seedlings in the lower garden, in beds under plastic as well.

Every year I learn more about gardening.  Next year, I’ll stagger tomato plants so I don’t have a huge crop all at once.  I’m on the fence about canning them.  I canned almost 50 quarts of tomatoes last year and we ate them all winter, we’re still eating them.  Canning uses a tremendous amount of electricity, especially when I bake the tomatoes to make sauce to can.  Perhaps this year I’ll raw pack them … I’m going to have to do something with all of the tomatoes that are in the garden right now.

Trellising cucumbers worked excellent, except next year I’ll plant the cucumber plants closer to where I’m going to install the cattle panel.  I can’t wait to finish the rest of the beds in the main garden.  It will make the garden so much easier to manage.

I’ll plant the sunflowers along the fence of the north side of the garden.