Since I’m not going to agility tonight, which is probably a good thing given that I need to move my ElectroNet, I thought I might set my video camera up on a tripod and do a video of Gel’s work out in the field. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, 70 degrees and sunny. The forecast for the next few days is supposed to be just as nice. As of right now, the high on Friday is supposed to be 79 degrees. Then it cools off for the weekend and goes back up to the 70’s the beginning of the week. Rain is forecast for quite a few days in the ten day forecast. Even though there is rain scheduled for Saturday (the day of the trial) I really don’t care. I have rain gear. After last year’s drought, I’ll take rain any way we can get it.

The sheep finished “mowing” my agility field so when I move the ElectroNet, I plan to reset my jumps and do more work with Fern over the next few days. I mentioned in the post I wrote earlier that it’s amazing that Gel will still work after all I’ve done to him in my ignorance. Agility isn’t much better, well, it is better because I had more instruction for agility than I have in herding. One “hole” in Gel’s agility performance is that he’s not terribly tight in his turns, because I didn’t insist on that during training. Fern can turn on a dime and I plan to make sure that remains our criteria in agility training.

I enjoy training my dogs and am glad that I have such neat dogs to work with.