A very fencing weekend

Most of this weekend was delegated to fencing, well, I shouldn’t say that, a lot of the weekend was spent trying to stay cool.  It’s been rough.  Yesterday was particularly bad.  I think today, I just resigned myself to being hot and it didn’t seem so bad.  A neighbor let us borrower a window air conditioner which we put in the bedroom.  Last night, I brought the television and DVD player into the bedroom (usually a taboo) and we watched a movie and ate a cold supper on the bed.  Tonight, we “roughed it” and stayed in the main part of the house, again eating a cold supper.  As I write this, I’m in the bedroom with the window A/C and two fans going and it’s barely cool enough to have the lap top on my lap.  Hopefully tomorrow the central air will be fixed.

This weekend has made me realize we need to rely a lot less on artificial heating and cooling and becoming more off-grid.

I have to say, Wally did most of the fencing work.  Not only did we get the back pasture fenced, but we also got the rear part of the property where the house sits on fenced for Gwen.  We used rebar posts and a single strand of electric rope.  In addition to the paddock, we ran a line along the horse paddock to keep a certain gray shithead from leaning over the fence.  You should have seen the two of them running after we installed the electric line.  We sat on the front steps, drank beer and watched the show, which show included a bit of lightening, the puppies playing, chickens catching June bugs, etc.

It is interesting watching the interactions between Mica and his sister Bella, and the differences between the two.  Bella has become so “citified.”  While we were working on the electric fence this evening, Bella was in the paddock with Gwen a few times.  She looked at her, as if to say, “hello, what are you?” and kept on walking.  Her goal in life while she’s here is to schmooze with the cats.  Mica, on the other hand, has this predatory look in his eyes and posture when he’s near stock. Bella seems to enjoy getting dirty and fighting with her brother over food, but I don’t think she’d cut it as a farm dog.

I had intended on writing a lot more, but I’m beat.  This has been an eventful, growing and busy weekend.

Until later …