Praying for rain and relief from this heat

I just got in from watering.  I have an interesting method for watering.  We have a several hoses connected together for a total length of 300 feet.  You can imagine how heavy it is so I drag it (carefully) with the ATV.  First I watered the newly sprouted carrots.  Then I dragged the house (brain fried from the heat) hose down to the main garden to water the newly planted zucchini and green beans.  Then off to water the horses and Gwen.  After that, back up to the goat pasture to water the goats, calf and chickens.  Finally, I drag the house (Wally wouldn’t like to know that I dragged the house with the ATV) hose up to the pig pen and let it run in the pen until they have a mud puddle to wallow in during the day.

After I finished watering, I got a plastic tub and headed back down into the garden to gather the pile of weeds and dead tomato plants that I pulled yesterday afternoon.  I must be getting acclimated to the heat because I was out working in the garden around 4:00; something I haven’t done even with the A/C available.  If all goes well, we’ll construct one or two more raised beds this weekend.

Rosemoon wrote on Facebook asking how people without A/C dealt with this heat.  We don’t exactly not have A/C, we have the window unit in the bedroom, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to make this house bearable.  It’s hard to keep a cardboard house that sits smack-dab in the middle of an open field with no shade cool.  Yesterday afternoon, we had mega fans running.  The house was all but shaking from the vibration and the noise was deafening.  All they were really doing was moving hot air around, but it was better than no air circulation.

I wrote several days ago about adapting my cooking to be more in line with the season.  Life without A/C made sure of that.  I haven’t turned the stove on in days.  On Friday, I picked a huge basket of tomatoes with the intention of canning them, but they got fed to the pigs.  No way was the stove going on to can.  I found a wonderful recipe for tomato pie and I really want to make it (I bought what ingredients I didn’t have on hand); but again, no way is the oven going on.  Maybe once the A/C is fixed I’ll make it.

Well, I best get out there and milk.

Until later …

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  1. I very rarely turn the oven on in the summer. We eat a lot of grilled food, veggies steamed and salads. I can’t stand the heat of the oven in the summer. By fall/winter my husband is really craving some hot dishes and roasts tho.

  2. I’m wondering if you shouldn’t experiment with a solar oven. You’ve sure got the sun and the heat for it, and since it would be outside, you wouldn’t need to worry about it’s effects on your house.

  3. Well, you could always get it ready for next year!

    Congratulations on your new job, by the way. I’m very glad for you.

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