Finally, some relief!

We got the air conditioning fixed yesterday afternoon.  Damned, I hate that we rely so much on it, but it was heaven finally being cool in the house.  I hadn’t taken a shower during the day, it hardly seemed worth it.  As hot as it was in the house, the minute you get out of the shower, you are sweating again.  I took one around 6:00 and it felt wonderful to be clean and cool, at least until I went back out to milk and care for the animals at which point I was sweaty and gross again.

It rained a little bit last night and we are supposed to get more rain today … hoping for rain, lots of rain, lots and lots of rain.  It’s so dry here.

We walked down into the back pasture and walked off the width of it to see how much fence we’d need to cross fence it: about 300 feet.  I think for now, we’ll use the ElectroNet, but eventually, we’ll fence it with rebar posts and three strands of electric rope or wire, which will be a lot less maintenance.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday working on a web page for  It overworked my under worked brain.  I haven’t worked with html or stylesheets in some time.  It looks good so far, but it still needs a lot of work.  Hopefully I can put some time into it today and then I need to harass my service provider to get him to point the domain name to the right place.  Primary goal today is getting some house cleaning done.

Ticks have made a reappearance.  I think it’s because Gel has been going down into the back fields with us quite a bit lately.  Perhaps with the hay being cut, it will help.  I hate ticks, especially those little seed-sized ones.  Agh!  Vacuuming would help … Another problem with going out into the back fields is that I’ve got patches of poison ivy rash on various parts of my body.  Agh!

Off to milk.

Until later …