Vacation’s over

Worked from 4:00 to 10:00 last night, came home and milked the goats and then was up until around midnight.  For those of you who know me, you know that’s way, way, way, way past my bedtime.  Even though I went to bed so late, I was still up at 6:00 AM.  Running on six hours of sleep is not good.  I feel quite fried and I have to do it again today and tomorrow.  I’m off Sunday, then back to work on Monday.  My feet and back are sore from standing.  I guess in time, I’ll adjust and I’m taking it easy on myself until I do.

Oh well, it’s a job and there’s the possibility of full-time hours which includes benefits.  Not sure how I feel about working full-time at Walgreen’s, but it’s a job and in this economy, jobs are hard to come by so I feel lucky that I have it.  It’s a shame that I’m wasting 25 years of paralegal training.  The atmosphere is a lot more positive than Wal-Mart ever was and you can cross train for anything you want so at least it will be somewhat challenging.

This Sunday, we hope to get two more beds dug and built in the main garden in preparation for fall planting.  We also need to get the back field cross-fenced, but that may need to wait another week as the hay hasn’t been baled yet.  The goats are starting to do well with staying out in the side and front pasture and I noticed yesterday that their milk is taking on a creamier color which is indicative of their consumption of browse rather than hay.

Gwen is doing well in her new digs.  The plan is to put the small (10 x 10) ShelterLogic building down in the area that we she is now residing, starting to feed her in there and then when she freshens, milk her in there.  Originally, I wanted to be able to milk her in the same building that I milk the goats in, but moving her back and forth with a calf may not be feasible.  I really only have to carry a bucket and a wash bucket down to where she is and that shouldn’t be too difficult.  There’s no reason to make her do any more walking than she has to.  She’s been spending a good deal of time in the woods and I assume she’s taking advantage of the huge variety of vegetation available to her.  She’s in good condition and already starting to bag up.

I have to go and get in the shower and get ready to leave for work.  It will be good when the paycheck comes.

Until later …