Goats, can you please start milking yourselves?

“Yourselves” is that even a word?

I’m tired.  I want to lie on the couch all day and be a vegetable … but I have someone coming out for two gallons of milk this morning, milk that I do not have in the refrigerator and I expect cheese curds are not going to be a good substitute so I have to get my ass out there and get it done before she gets here.  It’s a good thing she called because the milk from this morning was slated to go to the pigs because both of my cheese pots are full.  The pigs are growing amazingly well.  They love, love, love milk and whey.  I’ve been cleaning out weeds and dead tomato plants and giving them to the pigs.  I was wrong, we are going to get some kick-ass compost from their pen.

The heat is coming back.  It’s been deliciously cool and overcast over the past few days: a wonderful gift.  Little to no rain though.

The chickens disseminated my carrot seedlings.  That’s something we need to get fixed as soon as possible: fixing the raised beds to keep the chickens out.

I discovered it’s too late to plant winter squash, but I might put a few seeds in to see for myself.  I started the zucchini seedlings and they’ve sprouted and are growing well; well, at least they are for as long as the chickens stay out of them.  I also started a few more bean plants and have more bean seeds coming.  I’ve been buying my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and have been very pleased with the quality of the seeds and the service I get from them.

Wally and I went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and I purchased some tiny Delicata squash.  There was little to eat in them, but I saved the seeds and plan to put a few in the garden to see what happens.   Apparently, squash bugs will do in the plants if you plant this late.  Maybe I can convince the chickens to eat the squash bugs and leave the squash plants alone.

I also bought some pretty melons (one is white with green polka dots, called a Snow Leopard, the other, I think, is an Asian variety called Sun Jewel) that I plan to save the seeds from.

The trellised cucumber plants are still producing amazingly well and I need to save some seeds for next year.  I have half a million Roma tomatoes to get off the vines and into jars to can them today.  I’ve decided to raw pack them instead of baking them as I usually do.  This is all in interest of time and heat.

I’m beat.  Yesterday at work, one of my eyes was twitching from fatigue.  I hate that.  Finished all my computer-based learning and tests.  Now I need to finish my training on the photo finishing equipment, all of which was down yesterday so I spent a good part of the day on the cash register.

The horses (well, I think it should be singular: horse: Merlin, but Al Bin may be doing it as well, I just haven’t caught him) is well on his way to wrecking the fence we just installed.  I’d love to find a home for that horse.  So, we’ll need to put a line of electric fence over the top of that to keep them off it.  I hate to see all that hard work being destroyed by the worthless beasts.

I’ve been reading The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka and loving it.  I particularly like his statement: “Humanity knows nothing at all. There is no intrinsic value in anything, and every action is a futile, meaningless effort.”  How true is that?

Off to milk.

Until later …

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