A canning we will go, a canning we will go …

Yep, I’m doing it.  I said I may not can this year because of the high electricity expenditure, but I couldn’t not can.  I’m saving seeds too.  The various vegetable plants that reseeded themselves in the garden were so vigorous, I couldn’t ignore the benefits of keeping seed back from vegetables that did well in the garden.  Also, there may be a day when seeds are hard to come by.

Yesterday I fixed the bed that formerly had carrots planted so that the chickens couldn’t get in it.  Supposedly it’s too late to replant carrots, but I may try.  You are not supposed to be able to get a fall crop of peas in NC, but I am going to try that too.  Just need to get down there and get the seeds in.  I have to work this afternoon and I have to finish canning the huge basket of tomatoes I picked yesterday afternoon, so I may not get down there today.  After today, I’m off two days in a row, then work one day, then off two more days.  You really need two days to recharge, but I had better get used to not having two days off.  Heck, I had a whole lot of days off, but most of that time off was spent stressing over being out of work so it wasn’t a restful time off.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched Food, Inc.  I’ve been avoiding watching it because I really didn’t want to see what went on behind the doors of factory farms:  it’s horrible, absolutely horrible.  Formerly, I was buying Smithfield Farm’s ham, but no more!!!  What they do to those pigs was despicable!  I wrote last summer about what happened to the cow at the local dairy that went down with mastitis over the weekend.  Food, Inc. showed scenes in a feed lot that brought back that horrible memory.  Wally frequently tells Gwen she doesn’t know how lucky she is, and she is, but then again, we are very lucky to have her.

We don’t try to make money off our animals; Wally formerly had that mentality, but I think it’s gone now.  As long as they feed us and at least contribute to the cost of their care, it’s good.  I think it is when people start to try to make money off animals and the products they produce that they loose sight.

Mica has been nothing short of a delight.  He’s such a clever, fun puppy.  It’s so much fun being around him.  Gel has been amazingly tolerant of him.  I’m surprised at what he lets Mica do without correcting him.

Well, the tomatoes just started boiling so I’m going to use that 45 minutes to go out and get some of my morning chores done.

Until later …

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  1. Ken and I have seen Food, Inc. twice, the first time last fall at the Carolina Theater in Hickory. If only more people could see it, things might start to change more quickly. One can’t help but be affected. All of this information is carefully kept from Americans who are blissfully unaware. If they only knew the true stories behind the shiny packages they pluck from the supermarket shelves…….

  2. Even as much of food purist as I am, I’ll still sometimes eat at fast food restaurants; but now, I don’t know …

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