The best laid plans …

When I wrote yesterday that I’d try to take some videos of Gel’s work in the side pasture, I forgot that I had to re-set my ElectroNet (see a photo of ElectroNet below). Normally, I wouldn’t need to move it so soon, but (1) it was blocking my Landlord’s access to their cabin and the pond (they are due home today); and (2) grass isn’t quite growing up enough to sustain the sheep for too long a period of time. The good thing is my agility area is now “mowed” so I don’t need to do it myself.

It didn’t help that I had to work late either. I work as a Commercial Real Estate Paralegal for the largest law firm in Charlotte. We close multi-million and billion dollar loans from major National and International banks. When a deal needs to close, I have to be here to take care of it. We have had some lulls in workload lately, but it looks like we are going to get busy again, which is a good thing.

It didn’t take too long to set the ElectroNet because I didn’t have to mow a path first. That will come soon enough. I need to figure out a way to measure where the net is going to be set, mow the path, then set the fence. One roll of ElectroNet is 160 feet long. I am not setting it where I can go in a straight line as there are many natural obstacles I need to go around. I think what I’ll try when I have to mow is to use a piece of clothesline rope that is 160 feet long. I’ll lay the rope on the ground in the configuration I want to set the fence, mow the path and then set the fence. Hopefully that will work. When I do have to mow, it always seems as though the path I mow doesn’t quite fit where the fence needs to go. I love my ElectroNet though. It allows me to rotationally graze my sheep which cuts down on parasites. I have not had to worm my lambs yet and they are over a year old now.

While I set the fence last night, Gel and Fern ran around, played in the pond and waited for me to do something with them. Because when I finished the fence it was getting dark, I decided to just take them for a run on the ATV. There was no reason why we couldn’t take a day off from training.