There are days that seem like they are full of never ending frustrations.  Today has been one of those days.  I guess I need to just sit down and let the World go by and stop worrying so much.

The goats are starting to slack off and that’s frustrating me because I have people who want to buy it (to feed their cats and dogs).  I think some of those people think that milk comes out of a faucet and eggs are plucked from the sky.  Unfortunately, modern-day grocery stores contribute to that notion.

I’m not so sure the goats are truly slacking off due to the season, but because it’s been so bloody hot.  The yield was pretty good this morning: enough for a pot of cheese with a gallon left to spare.

The chickens destroyed half of the young zucchini crop I planted.  In a little while, I’m going to go down to the garden and put chicken wire around the perimeter of the garden in an attempt to keep the scratching fiends out.  I added some Guinea Fowl to my flock in an attempt to cut down on the bug population.  Guineas are tick fiends.  The trick is getting them to stick around.

I discovered this morning that my middle name, “Therese” means to harvest.  Interesting.

I put Merlin and my saddle up for sale this morning and this time, I am going to sell them.  It’s stupid to have a horse and a saddle and not ride.  I suppose if he were a little easier to tack up, I’d be more interested in riding him, but maybe not.  It seems to be a frivolous waste of time when there’s so much to be done around the house and farm.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with Al Bin.

Until later …