I did it … I sold Merlin along with his saddle and bridle on Friday.  There comes a time when you realize that something isn’t working out for you and that’s the way it’s been with Merlin.  I found him a fantastic home.  In fact, I think he’s better off where he is now than he was here.  Why?  Because he’s getting ridden, which is what this horse needed: desperately.

I think Merlin might be smiling in this photo.  Martin is riding in this photo.

Martin’s Aunt, Louise is riding him in this photo.

Al Bin stole my heart when I first saw him and even though I loved riding Merlin, it’s Al Bin I want to work with.  So, yesterday we got him out, cleaned him up and I had Wally give me a leg-up onto his back.  First I just hung over his back on my belly.  Wally chanted: “Don’t you get on that horse! Don’t you get on that horse!”  Do I ever listen to Wally when it comes to horses? Nope.  I swung my leg over and sat on him.  He just stood there!  Yea ha!  I sat on the Black Stallion Gelding!  Wally and I watched the Black Stallion yesterday.  He hadn’t seen it before.  Al Bin could have been the horse in that movie, except Al Bin is more handsome.

I feel guilty leaving Al Bin as an only horse and soon we’ll find a pony to keep him company.  I am committed to getting him riding again.  Tonight we’ll take him down into the round pen and I’ll get up on him again and we’ll see if we can’t get him moving out.

Until later …

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