Bloody heat …

Make it go away!  It’s dry and it sucks, sucks, sucks.  The garden is about done in.  I’m tired of watering it.  The damned chickens are doing in what the heat is not.  Lovely.  It’s been so hot for so long it saps the energy out of you.  We planned to do the electric cross fence on Sunday, but we elected to just stay in the house.  Well, that isn’t quite true, Wally didn’t get all of the supplies so we couldn’t have finished it if we wanted to.

On another note, I got some Guinea Fowl on Thursday.  The plan was to keep them penned up for a week or two and then let them out.  Mica had other plans.  On Friday morning when I reached into their pen to take out their water bowl to clean it, Mica circled around the back of the pen and scared them out.  Guineas move really, really fast.  Forget getting them back up.  At first, they stuck around, then they disappeared to parts unknown.  When Wally came home on Friday, he said that he saw a Guinea in the driveway.  I went out on foot, then on the ATV, finally on Merlin, but I didn’t see the bird.

I worked on Saturday.  While Wally was mowing, he saw Rose running with what he thought was one of my young (prized) blue laced Wyandotte hens, but it was a Guinea.  He yelled at her and she dropped it.  Wally put it back in the pen.  Later Saturday evening, I discovered the rest of the Guineas near the pen!  Yea, they came back!!!!  When it was dark, we caught them and put them in the pen.  On Sunday, I let all but four of the Guineas out and they stuck around.  Cool.  We now have a Guinea Bug Patrol.  Eat those damned ticks!

Have you heard on the news that humans can get sick from pet food?  It seems Salmonella survives on it.  So, it’s okay to feed your dog or cat Salmonella-laced food?  Isn’t that the excuse so many vets use for not feeding raw: potential contamination from Salmonella?????

Growl.  Off to milk.

Until later …