Crazy busy!

Gosh, a just-freshened milking cow really adds a new dimension to the farm.  We are still learning how to work with her.  It has become blatantly apparent that we fed her too much before she calved.  Her udder got huge and hard as a rock.  Damned if I can get any milk out of her.  I went to the dairy and bought another bull calf to put on her.  That helped, but she’s still got too much milk in her that I can’t get out.  Spot to the rescue!!  He’s helping keep her milked out.  I understand that the hard udder is common for the first week or so after they calf.

I’ve decided to sell both Addie and Fennel (goats).  I have daughters and granddaughters from both does so it’s time that they go on to help build another herd.  I want to work towards having a herd of goats that I’ve bred and raised. Once they are sold (I’m waiting on the check to be delivered), I plan to buy another Jersey cow.  I’ll still keep goats, but it doesn’t make any sense to milk seven goats twice a day for the amount of milk that you get from one cow in one milking.   The problem is getting a cow that I can milk by hand.  Apparently, the dairies breed for cows with short teats and short teats are not easy to milk.  The local dairy had several cows they want to sell before winter so I can pick and choose the right one.

After we have breakfast, we are going to go out and put a saddle on Al Bin.  I sold a saddle that I dearly loved with Merlin.  Not sure what I miss more, the saddle or the horse.  Probably the saddle, but it was just too damned heavy to lug around.  I found a comparable saddle, it isn’t as nice as the other, but it’s much lighter.  It needs a lot of cleaning and oil and a little bit of repair, but it will be fine for now.  I’ve put some feelers out to find another horse that I can ride.  While I can probably get Al Bin going again under saddle, but to get him to the point where I could go somewhere with him and ride, I don’t know.  He’s been a pasture ornament for most of his life.

Work is going okay.  There is a huge learning curve and a lot of the learning is done through trial and error.  They loaded me up on hours this coming week.  I guess it will be a good thing when the paycheck comes.

Until later …