A bit of good news …

I finally found a full- or almost full-time job working somewhere that I think I will enjoy: Mellow Mushroom.  They called me back the Monday before last and from then on, I couldn’t bring myself to go back to Walgreens, so I didn’t.  The Mellow Mushroom manager said he’d call me back sometime this week.  I was on in pins and needles for fear that I had shot myself in the foot by quitting Walgreens.  Finally, the call came late Wednesday night (I didn’t get it until Thursday morning).  I did the happy dance all over the house.

Orientation is September 10 with an intensive week of training after that.  Not exactly sure when they are going to open yet, but soon.  It’s pretty exciting to be part of the opening of a new restaurant.  I expect I’m going to be much happier handling food than I ever was money, cigarettes and the like.  It isn’t even September and they were already pushing the flu shot at Walgreens.  Please!!!

The chestnut horse didn’t work out.  He was simply too green for my current fitness level.  I took a bad fall off him on Monday.  I was lucky that I wasn’t hurt worst than I was.  Luckily the horse wasn’t hurt either.  He needs a lot more miles put on him by someone with more skill than I have at this time.  The fall set me back both physically and mentally.  I rode him again on Wednesday, but it wasn’t a good ride so I contacted his owner and told her that it wasn’t going to work out.  It’s unfortunate because I really like the horse, but my safety is important.

So, back to the drawing board in the horse search.

I started milking Gwen Tuesday morning.  I put her up in the poultry pasture and the two calves in the goat pasture.  It’s a bit dicey getting the trio separated and then reunited, but we’re getting it done.  So far, I’m only pulling a gallon and a half off her during the milking, but in time it will increase.  I’m pleased to say that I can milk easily now.

Milking the goats … I’ve been putting it off long enough.

Until later …