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Things are good here, I just haven’t taken the time to post.  I’m still pretty sore from being bounced around the woods like a pin ball.  I’ve gone down to the woods several times looking for a pair of sunglasses that I was particularly fond of.  Can’t find them, but every time I’m down there, I get that awful feeling in my stomach.  I was lucky, damned lucky.  Everyone that sees the damage I did to my body says the same thing.

We found the perfect horse for me: a 19 year old Arabian gelding named Trophy.  Wally and I drove out to look at him on Saturday.  He hadn’t been ridden in about a month, but for as well-mannered as he was, he acted like he’d been ridden the day before.  So far, he seems like a perfect combination of Virgil (the chestnut gelding) on the ground (wonderful!) and Merlin under saddle (i.e. a pistol, but a controllable pistol).  We were able to work out a payment plan that fit in my budget (even on Mellow Mushroom salary) and we took him home.

The problem is that my confidence has been terribly shattered.  Even working with him on the ground I’m leery (from being banged around by Merlin) and frightened under saddle.  He’s an Arabian and they tend to be more observant of their surroundings.  I rode on Sunday and he did really well given he was being ridden by himself in a completely new environment.  His “shying” consists of stopping and sort of starting in place.  It’s really nothing, but every time he did it, my heart jumped into my throat for fear of him taking off running and bucking like Virgil did when he got scared.  I only road for about 30 minutes before coming back.

Yesterday I went with a friend to the Ingles grocery store in Dallas.  She hadn’t been there before and wanted to see it.  She was like a kid in a candy shop (just as I was the first time I went there).  I had a few other errands to run and even though we left at 11, we didn’t get back to the house until almost 4.

Here it is almost 10:00 and my morning chores are done and I should be out there getting Trophy ready to ride, but instead I’m here in front of the computer.  Maybe I’ll get my act together and get out there and ride him, but … Fear is not a good thing.

The woman I got Virgil from is coming out on Thursday to ride with me and I think that will be a good confidence booster for me.  Also, friends of Wally’s are going riding on Sunday and Monday this weekend and they invited me to go with them and that will help.

All of the animals are doing well.  The two goats that I sold went to their new home on Sunday.  Milking Gwen is going wonderfully.  I can milk her out in about 15 minutes now.  Her milk is a pretty creamy yellow color and tastes fabulous.  I made a batch of yogurt from her milk on Sunday and it came out perfect.  I’ve gone back to mixing cow and goat milk together to make soft cheese and that’s equally fabulous.

We are going through yet another week of 90+ degree heat.  While it doesn’t feel as bad as it did over the past months, it’s still miserable.  I think because I’m just sick to death of it.  No rain in sight which is equally miserable.  I haven’t done any new planting in the garden and really need to get down there and finishing cleaning it out.  Wally is off for a long weekend this weekend, probably the last full weekend we’ll have together for a long time and we may spend some time in the garden then.  The goal this weekend is to repair the fence that Merlin destroyed and get the cross-fencing done so I can put the goats and Spot (weaned calf) down there during the days I’m working.  I put Gwen and her two calves down with the horses and that’s going well.  Trophy doesn’t chase livestock and Al Bin seems to have lost his interest in doing so.  I’ve been letting the pigs out during the day when the goats and Spot are out and that’s going really well.  It may not go so well when it rains and the ground gets soft again, but until then, it’s nice to let them out.  I don’t know how much longer we’ll keep them before having them butchered, but I expect at least another month.

I am looking forward to starting at Mellow Mushroom.  It’s exciting to think about being a part of a new restaurant opening and to be doing something very different from what I’ve done over the past 10 or 15 years.  A long time ago, I worked as a serve at a Pizzeria Uno restaurant and I did enjoy that work.  I may see if I can get scheduled on four or five long days, even if I have to do a split shift as a server.

Until later …

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  1. I also applaude you courage. When I was a teenager I would think nothing of jumping on and heading out. If I fell off I dusted myself off and got right back on. Pusing 50 its not the same. Falling off hurts ALOT more now than it did then. The thought of getting hurt bad really scares me. It takes alot to of inner strength to do what you are doing. Wish I had the nerve to do it myself.

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