What a difference a day makes!

I think I’m simply more sensitive than I need to be.  I wrote about the Western saddle that I had purchased that didn’t fit Trophy well.  I was obsessed with finding something else that would fit him … a tough thing given I needed to find a saddle with a wide tree, short skirts and that I could afford.  A man had called me a few days ago about the Western saddle I had for sale and told me to “consider it sold.”  I didn’t hear from him after that call until yesterday morning when he called to ask if he could come out and look at it.  Meanwhile, I had been scouring the Internet looking for a replacement saddle knowing I couldn’t get another saddle until I sold the Western saddle.  In general, saddles are not selling all that well.  Not much is these days.

We found a suitable saddle at a local tack shop and I would have bought it if the shop owner had been a bit more pleasant when we were there looking at it.  If you are trying to sell a saddle that had been sitting in your shop for over a year you’d think you’d go out of your way to be nice to a potential purchaser, but she was a jerk and we won’t be shopping there again.  This is a pretty rare saddle made by an Amish saddle maker in Pennsylvania.  I found it new at a few on-line dealers, but the price was more than I was willing to spend.  Also, I really didn’t want a new saddle if I could avoid it.

Imagine how happy I was when I found the same saddle in a Craigslist listing in Virginia!  This saddle is practically new and was over $100 less than at the local tack shop.  The man came out and bought my Western saddle and I immediately called the woman in Virginia and arranged for her to ship the saddle to me.  It will arrive on Friday.

Meanwhile, I’m scheduled to meet a friend this morning at Kings Mountain for a trail ride … but I don’t have a saddle!  Luckily she has one I can borrow.  Another friend was scheduled to go to South Mountain tomorrow for a ride and originally I thought I couldn’t go because orientation at Mellow Mushroom was scheduled for Friday at 4:00 and I didn’t want to risk being late.  I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t go because I wanted to meet the people who were going on the ride.  Yesterday evening I got a call from Mellow Mushroom telling me that the orientation was going to be postponed a week because the restaurant wasn’t quite ready.  Now I can go to South Mountain tomorrow … but again, I don’t have a saddle!!!!  But they’ll let me borrow one.  Luckily, all of these people I’m riding with have short-backed, wide framed Arabians so their saddles will fit Trophy.

I’m so incredibly paranoid.  One of the things I thought after I got the call from Mellow Mushroom was that they were really going to have the orientation this Friday but that they called me and told me it was postponed so I wouldn’t be there.  I’ve lived through a lot of abuse and disappointment over the years.

Until later …