A trail riding fool!

Got back from my ride with Trophy and two friends around 2:00.  What a rush!!!  He’s a trail-riding-fool.  Of course, every log, stump and rock was a rabid-gray-Arabian-eating-monster, but I’m used to him now and I can laugh at his foolishness.  You’d think that if he was so “scared” of the monsters on the trail he wouldn’t insist on being out in front, but he did.  Ride behind other horses?  Hell no!!!  He showed those young whipper-snappers his gray butt most of the way.  I’m going to be crippled tomorrow.  Hopefully he won’t be.  This was his first real ride barefoot and hopefully he’ll be sound in the morning.  He seemed fine when we finished.

With all that I did with horses as a young person, one would think that I would have learned how to pull a trailer, but I never did.  Wally taught me recently and it’s so empowering to load up a horse and haul him off to a trail ride on my own.  While Wally was always more than willing to take me everywhere I wanted to go, it’s pretty cool to be able to do it myself.  Because I got lost going there this morning, I had to turn the truck and trailer around twice and while it wasn’t pretty, I did it and on the way home I almost took out a gas pump when I stopped to get gas on the way home, but I managed to get the truck, trailer and horse back without a scratch.

I wish I took a picture this afternoon of the goats and pigs munching away on over-ripe pumpkins and apples.  They are gorging themselves on both.  The Landlord’s pumpkin field ripened too quickly and there’s tons of over-ripe pumpkins down there free for the taking.  The only problem is getting them back up here without wearing pumpkin juice.  Oh and squash bugs … there’s billions of them down there.  I understand they were particularly bad this year.  They took out my late season zucchini.  Oh well.

Speaking of the pigs, I was told yesterday that I needed to start to feed them bread because they were too thin and that we couldn’t get them fat on vegetables.  A friend of Wally’s told him that we needed to feed them corn to fatten them up prior to slaughter.  I think we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing.  Wally said he wasn’t ashamed of what our pigs looked like, nor am I.

Until later …