Finally, a sense of accomplishment …

The cross-fencing is complete and the goats and Spot are in their daytime pasture as I write this.  I’m so glad to have them down in our pasture instead of free-browsing in the front pasture which belongs to someone else.  We had permission to use it, but I felt uncomfortable leaving the goats and Spot out there.

If it doesn’t rain soon, we are not going to have any pasture left to speak of.

Wally is off today.  Not by choice, they’ve cut hours.  I suppose the timing is good given I didn’t start working this weekend as I expected to.

Milking Gwen has become a bit difficult because she lies in her manure and her udder gets filthy!  Her manure gets cleaned out daily, so what she lies in is fresh.  The area that we are keeping her in overnight is plenty large enough so she can sleep in a clean place if she chose to, but what she’s doing is trying to lie near her calves.  This is one of the difficulties in keeping cows instead of goats: the manure!  When I come out in the morning and find her that dirty, I have to hose her off, which is okay now because it’s still warm, but when it gets cold, I’m sure she isn’t going to tolerate getting hosed off.  We are going to try to leave her down in the pasture we fenced for her a month or so back and see how that goes.  She won’t be able to see her calves so she may not tolerate it.  If we can leave her down there, she should stay a lot cleaner.

I rode Trophy yesterday with my new saddle.  It was a mixed bag.  The saddle is incredibly comfortable, but I don’t feel as secure in it as I’d like.  It didn’t help that Trophy was being a jerk throughout the whole ride.  Time in the saddle will resolve my security issues.  This is going to be a transition saddle.  One day I’ll find exactly what I’m looking for and I’ll sell this one.  Because I take such good care of my tack, I feel sure I won’t loose money on this saddle.  Hopefully I’ll have time to ride today, but it may not happen.  Wally and I were essentially lazy butts yesterday.  He actually sat and watched an entire football game … something I don’t think he’s done in a long, long time.  I guess time off is a good thing, but we’ve got projects that need to get done.

Until later …