Well darned …

Three strands of hot electric wire and some of the goats walked through it.  Guess when they want to go somewhere, a little bit of pain isn’t going to stop them.  We toyed with putting ElectroNet up, but I think we are going to can the cross fencing venture.  The horses did not chase the goats that got loose so it seems they are all going to get along down there.  I might even experiment with putting the pigs down there today.  They seem to be tame enough so that I will be able to get them back up … well, not *I* but Gel will be able to get them back up.

Gel’s work is back to where it should be.  I am sure that whenever he’s off, it’s because I’m off.  He’s such a reflection of me.

I decided to permanently wean Billie and Fern’s doe kids yesterday.  I was bringing both does in when I milked the other three and just feeding them in the hitching area but that was a pain and I figured if I was going to be feeding them, I might as well get their milk as well.  Of course the doe kids are not terribly happy with the arrangement, but I feel sure they’ll live.

I got an e-mail a few days ago from an individual wanting to buy the domain name blakkatz.com.  They were willing to pay $700 for it.  I seriously considered it, but declined.  Blakkatz has been a source of information on natural cat care since 1997.  The individual wanting to buy it was a veterinarian … nope.  Not going there for $700 or $7,000.

Yesterday I got a call from a local sustainable farm asking me about goat milk and cheese.  They raise pastured pork, chickens and vegetables and are opening up a restaurant in Charlotte.  I told her that I could not legally sell my milk or cheese and she said that there were numerous grants available for starting up small dairies, etc. so she’s coming out to see our farm and talk to us about it.  You never know.

Tomorrow I start to get venison scraps again!!!!!  Whooooo hoooooo!!!!!  The dogs and cats will be so happy.  I thought I lined up an alternative rabbit source, but it didn’t pan out.  I considered raising rabbits, but I can’t raise the number of rabbits that the cats and dogs eat.  The goal next year is to hold on to all of the buck kids and when they are a decent size, butchering them here for the dogs and cats.  That will provide the carnivores with an alternate source of meat when the venison has dried up.

We have been hauling loads of rotten and near rotten pumpkins from the field.  The goats, pigs and cows are going nuts for them.  Some of those pumpkins are so heavy I can’t lift them!  It’s pretty gross picking them up, especially if they leak all over you and when they are loaded with nasty squash bugs, but it’s free food for the critters.

Off to milk the goats.

Until later …