The Shroom …

I’ve worked two full days so far and am scheduled to work the rest of the week at Mellow Mushroom.  So far, so good.  It’s fun, upbeat, busy, challenging and the food is damned good!!!!!  You know what one of the coolest things about working there is?  I don’t have to pack a lunch.  I hate packing lunches for myself.  I make Wally’s lunch everyday and that doesn’t bother me, but to make it for me, yuck!  I also love the attire!  No monkey clothes or zoot suits!!!!!!!

Back to farm business: after escaping the first day we put them in the fence, the goats all of a sudden stopped escaping.  Go figure.  Nothing good last forever though.  Wally and I walked the goats down there Sunday morning and discovered the fence had been run through and damaged beyond repair.  Horses?  Deer?  I don’t know, but so much for cross fencing.  We pulled up the rebar posts and returned them to Lowe’s.  We’ll turn that money back into T-posts in an attempt to fix the damage Merlin did to the field fencing.  That still burns me up.  All of the cows, the goats (except for the three doelings I am weaning) and horses are altogether in the pasture and everyone is getting along.  Cool.  The pigs are loose in the goat pasture happily munching on the pumpkins that the goats and cows didn’t finish last night.  I scheduled the pigs to go to the processor next week.

It took me right about an hour to milk Gwen, the goats, feed the horses, dogs and cats.  That’s pretty good.  That all goes to show that when it was taking me hours to finish these chores it was because I was being poky about it.  Amazing what having a job does for you.

The cats and dogs are now consuming fresh venison scraps.  You have to love getting about 30 pounds of meat for $5.

I have two beds prepared for planting greens, but I”m not going to plant anything until it starts to rain again.  We are going through enough water just keeping the livestock watered.  It’s still bloody hot and dry as a desert here.  Yuck.

Until later …