Tired …

Oh gosh, you wouldn’t think working in a restaurant would not be stressful; but it is!  Last night, they divided the back of the house people into two groups.  One group sat in the restaurant and ordered off the menu and the other group cooked.  They split the servers, bartenders and host people the same way.  I hated sitting and eating while the rest of the people were working their tails off, but I knew the time would come when I’d be back there doing the same thing.

Luckily, we didn’t seem to get slammed as bad as the first group did.  I think we communicated as a group better which made it go more smoothly.  Apparently the first group made a lot of mistakes in their food; as best as I can tell, we didn’t make any.  I worked on the salad line, which I am the most comfortable with.  I think tonight they are going to put me exactly where I don’t want to be: on the grill!  When they said that I told them that there was going to be a lot of food dropped on the floor if they put me on the grill, but I’ve got to learn.

I tell you one thing, if you have not eaten at Mellow Mushroom yet, please do.  The food is amazing and it’s very well prepared from extremely fresh and quality ingredients.  Just be careful if you come to the Hickory Restaurant and if you see me on the grill!!

I am not sleeping well.  I’m waking up several times throughout the night in panic attacks.  Hopefully that will pass in time.  We’ve got two more nights of the same training that we did last night then Saturday is the soft opening.  I don’t know if I’m working Saturday or not.  I almost hope I am not.

Yesterday morning, I rode with my good friend Jenn.  We rode here in the fields, mostly at a walk, talking the whole way.  It was really, really nice.  I am not sure if I’ll ride today or not, probably not.  I think I’m going to just take it easy until I need to go to work.

The pigs went to the processor yesterday.  Wally got them loaded without any trouble.  Amazing what pigs will do for a tub of milk.  The meat will be available to be picked up on Friday.  Yea!!!  Need to free up some freezer space ASAP.

Finally!  There’s rain and cooler temperatures in the upcoming forecast.  Hopefully the rain is coming soon enough to bring the pastures back.

Got to go out and milk.  Only milking three goats these days so it doesn’t take too long.

Until later …