What’s that noise?

What’s that wet stuff falling out of the sky????  RAIN!!!!!  Glorious, glorious rain!!!!  We could get two to three inches between today and tomorrow.  I hope that will help to improve the condition of the pastures.

Hey, did you know that the recession has officially ended the end of June?  I wonder who decided that.

I didn’t have to work at Mellow Mushroom for the soft opening and I was very, very glad of that.  I needed a day off.  I had intended to spend at least part of it riding, but had saddle issues.  They’ve been resolved, but it was a bummer I couldn’t ride.  I did have a nice ride on Friday.  Got lost on the mountain and then lost coming home and was almost late for work, but I made it on time.  Luckily (I guess) Wally got sent home early from work so he was able to unload Trophy, hose him off and put him up while I showered.

I really like that horse, he’s a good one.  Lots of fun to ride and really nice to work around.

Until later …