Aliens have landed?

There has been a very odd noise coming from the pond at night.  It sounds a bit like a bunch of ducks muttering (the noise male ducks make) at a very high rate of speed.  Very odd.  Not sure what it is.

Must be aliens.

I cooked the first of the pork from our pigs Wednesday night.  It was fabulous!!!  We have a small freezer full of ground pork, both sausage-seasoned and unseasoned.  Looks like we’ll be eating a lot of pork, but given how tasty it is, I don’t think we’ll mind a bit.

I wrote a while back about cutting off several of our milk clients.  It had become way too irritating dealing with them.  I found out last night that they found another source about 15-20 miles away.  They were happily buying two week supplies from this person.  Heck … they were complaining to me about the freshness of milk that was milked the day before and here they are buying milk and keeping it for two weeks.  Maybe there’s something wrong with my refrigerator, but milk doesn’t stay fresh longer than a week here.  Apparently keeping it on ice in the refrigerator makes it last longer.  Hmmmmm.

This all goes to show that if a person wants something and they have the money and means to get it, they’ll find someone willing to supply them.  I prefer to keep my goats on a seasonable schedule.  It is not natural for them to be lactating in late fall/early winter.  I know there are plenty of people that keep their goats going all year round, but I’m not going to be one of them.  I milked three goats this morning and got a gallon and a half.  They won’t be milked tonight so that’s all I’ll get.  One of the goats was one that was giving a gallon a milking.  They are drying off and I’m letting them do it.

At Mellow Mushroom, they are calling me Queen of the Prep Kitchen.  I guess it’s good to be appreciated.  At first I think they had their doubts about my abilities and if they kept me up on the front lines, I’d doubt my abilities, but in the back where I can cut, dice, slice, mix, portion, etc., I’m golden.  They asked me to start to come in an hour earlier so I’ll have an extra hour in the morning to get food ready.  That’s cool.  I doubt I’ll get out earlier, but maybe once the kinks get worked out I can work 8 to 2 or 3.  That wouldn’t be too bad.

Until later …