Oh, it’s tempting …

This job came up on Career Builder this morning:

Large Charlotte Corporation is seeking a Contract Corporate Real Estate Paralegal.

Daily tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Resolve CRE issues
  • Very heavy drafting experience
  • Draft and review deeds, leases, amendments, non-disturbance agreements, seller affidavits
  • Organize and maintain files
  • Review title and survey documents
  • Prepare closing documents
  • Preparing, securing, drafting, and processing of legal documents
  • Review documents for validity, content and accuracy.
  • Remain compliant with company policies and procedures.

It’s right up my alley, but it’s in Charlotte (50 miles commute one way); and do I really want to go back to a desk job?  My biggest fear about going back to my real profession is getting laid off again.  Not to mention it’s an employer market.  Because there are so many people out of work, employers can get away with just about anything because they know they can easily find another body to fill a position.  It’s disgusting.

And talk about disgusting.  Not sure how I ended up on this web site last night, but I did and it about made me vomit.  I adopted an Australian Shepherd from this breeder several years ago.  I believed the breeder when she told me that the dog would make a great agility dog.  She was dead wrong.  Now I see she’s breeding “champion” Border Collies and has these “awesome agility dogs” available to pet and/or performance homes.  Damn, what are these “champion” breeders doing to the breed?

Ruining it.  This breeder ought to sick with Australian Shepherds, a breed that has already been all but ruined as a working dog thanks to these “champion” breeders.

Until later …