Just a few minutes with a cup of coffee …

Amazing the difference having a job makes.  Wally had to leave for work a bit early today so I have a few minutes of peace and quiet (not that Wally is noisy) before I have to go out and milk Gwen and do the rest of the chores.  It used to be easy to get up early, but lately, it’s been horrible.  Maybe it’s because it’s gone from blazing hot to cool and of course, it’s dark in the morning.  When the time changes, it will be a bit easier to get up.

All in all, I do like the job.  It can be extremely frustrating, tedious and physically difficult, but it’s a challenge figuring out how to get the work that needs to be done, done when it needs to be.  Yesterday they were out of bacon so they had to place a special order.  They got in one case, when we really needed three cases.  I put another prep person in charge of cooking it.  Several times I had to ask him how the bacon was coming (he was working on something else) and he kept saying, “shit” and running out to check it.  Sure enough, he managed to burn two sheets of it.  He blamed the people out front for ignoring the burning bacon while they were in and out of the oven preparing sandwiches and technically he’s right, but he was in charge of the bacon and should have watched it.  I went out to Sam’s Club to get more bacon and when I got back, the other two prep people had been sent home early.  This morning, I’ll be the only one in from 8 until 10 and the person coming in at 10 might as well stay home for all the good he’ll do, but oh well …

I know people will be in even earlier this morning so I might as well get my butt in gear and get in a little earlier myself.  It looks like on Fridays and Saturdays I might be able to cut out a bit earlier so that will be nice.

My skin has been breaking out around my mouth and chin for quite a while now.  Usually, I attribute that to stress and that indeed may be the cause, but from the little bit of research I did this morning indicates that increasing vitamins A and E in my diet would help; both of these vitamins are readily available in raw milk.  Need to drink more milk!!!!

The pigs have been getting a lot of food scraps from the restaurant.  I am not certain whether this is an ideal diet for them or not.  It has to be better than feeding them regular pig food which is mostly comprised of corn and soy (probably from GMO sources).  I’m helping to cut down on a good amount of restaurant waste by taking it home.  Most days I can barely lift the bags full of vegetable scraps and food waste.  They seem to be growing well and acting normally.  I don’t think we will be able to let these pigs out into the goat pasture like I did the other pigs.  These two are rooting fools.  Something to keep in mind when we get the next set of pigs.

Off to milk.

Until later …

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