Sometimes gettin’ da milk ain’t so easy …

There are some benefits to milking goats. Goats are much cleaner creatures.  They are a lot less cooperative than cows (which is a good thing given how big cows are); but cleanliness is a good thing.

As Gwen was walking up to the milk parlor I was trying to get a good look at her udder to see if it had … well … if she had cow shit on it.  It’s still dark out there and you can’t see a whole lot with a head lamp.  I thought she was clean until I got her into her stall and she was eating and sure enough, she had cow shit smeared on the back side of her udder.  Great Gross!  I would have rather cleaned her off before she got into the milk parlor because the only way to get it done right is to hose her off, soap her up, then hose her off again.  Since she was already in the parlor and had her head in her feed trough, I decided to just do it in the milk parlor.

Which of course made it a muddy mess.  Note to self: get Wally to bring up one or two of the stall mats from the ShelterLogic building and put them in the milk parlor.  They’d be more of use up there than they are there.  I wish we had access to hot water outside.

I got her cleaned off and started milking.  She moved to the side and pushed me over off the milk crate I was sitting on.  Of course I landed in the mud.

Got back up and finished milking which wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  Know what it feels like to get a wet cow tail slapped in your face?

All the time, the calves are calling to their mother.  Calves live sucky lives here …

Now that I’m in the house and have the milk strained and in the refrigerator, I hear Gwen mooing for her calves.  Well, she’ll have to wait until I go back out to move everyone down into the back pasture because I need to go and get these wet jeans off, grab a quick shower and get dressed for work.  Know how much I love being able to wear jeans or shorts to work?  I used to wear eye make-up, but I soon figured out mascara getting into your eyes when they are tearing from peeling and slicing onions sucks.

Speaking of onions, I figured out a way to peel and slice onions (and I do at least 50 pounds a day) without tearing up.  Peeling them isn’t so bad, slicing them sucks.  I get a long piece of saran wrap and wrap it around the top part of my face, completely covering my eyes and tie it behind my head.  Damned if I can’t slice 50 pounds of onions without tearing.  The only thing that bothers me is a burning in the back of my throat.  I know it works because yesterday I drove the other two prep people out of the kitchen while I was slicing the onions.  I was able to slice all 50 pounds without stopping.  Yea!!!!

Until later …

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  1. Wish I had a picture of you with the top of your head wrapped in Saran Wrap and tied with a big bow in back…..

    I simply can’t imagine slicing 100 onions or more at a sitting. This is the ultimate sacrifice for The Man.

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