Living in poverty?

The love affair with MM is about over.  Because they have too many labor hours (which is no surprise), they cut my hours from six days to five; which in the grand scheme of things isn’t really cutting much off my total paycheck, maybe only $40 or $50. Oh well.  As it stands, I’ll be bringing home about $250 a week.  It will be extremely difficult to live on that.  My rent alone is $700 a month.  I guess this is what it is like to live in poverty.  I’ll We’ll figure it out … somehow.  Wally and I have talked about it extensively and we have some irons in the fire.  Until then, I’ll continue working at MM until something else comes up.  In general, I like the job I guess because I like working with food.  It’s better than working in retail.

We dug up our bed of sweet potatoes on Saturday and got a full bushel of orange beauties!!  We prepared the two beds behind the house to plant greens.  I had planned to get them in on Sunday, but I went for a ride that all but crippled me.  I rode with three ladies who compete on a regular basis in endurance rides.  They were all riding gaited horses so Trophy had to work hard to keep up.  He’s a game little horse.  We went up a very steep, rocky trail that was so steep, I was afraid the saddle was going to go off the back of Trophy.  I need to tighten up the breast plate before I ride again.  The saddle worked perfectly.  I love it when I find a fabulous bargain like that.  I’ll be off on Tuesday and I plan to go back to South Mountain and ride again.  This time, Gel will get to go with me.  He’ll like that.

There is rain in the forecast today, which is a wonderful thing!!!!  It’s quite warm and tropical-feeling outside.  This afternoon will be a perfect time to get seeds in the ground.  Yes, it’s late, but I have plastic to cover the beds with to protect them from the cold.

Off to see what kind of a mess Gwen is this morning.  Agh!

Until later …

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  1. You’ll never live in complete poverty because you and Wally are too resourceful and clever. You will always think of some way to get by until things get better.

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