It rained quite a bit last night.  I guess I should have checked the weather before going to bed to see if it was going to rain because I left my Yoda’s windows open and Gel outside.  I’m not so worried about Gel getting wet, but it kind of sucks getting Yoda wet.  Ha! Ha!  Wally had to drive Yoda to work this morning so he had to deal with a wet Yoda.  I am planning on heading out to South Mountain this morning for a ride.  I’m going to wait for a few hours before going because it’s still misting out there.  I’m sure Trophy will be a muddy mess.  I have a lunch packed for all of us.  It should be a good time.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having lunch at MM with Rosemoon and her fabulous family.  Gosh, I wish they were closer as I’d love to be able to spend more time with them.  They are delightful conversationalists and a wealth of information.  I also got to see Split and she looks great.  I understand she’s become an indispensable member of their family.  The puppies are doing great as well.  The male puppy, Benny, sounds a lot like Mica, which is encouraging.  The female puppy, Joon, sounds like she’s going to be quite the little working dog.

Mica, we’ve almost rehomed him numerous times, but it’s probably a good thing he’s still here.  He’s only six months old and I think he’s going to take his time turning on, just like his father and really, a lot of Border Collies.  Males tend take a longer time to turn on.  So, for now, Mica is going to stay here and be a puppy, something he’s become very good at.  He love, Love, LOVES to play with Rose and Rose enjoys him just as much.  Even Gel will sometimes play with him.

After I wrote the first paragraph to this post, I went out and milked Gwen.  Damned, those calves are tearing up her teats.  I’m going to have to start separating them from her and limiting their time to nurse.  No one is going to be happy with that arrangement, but I don’t want to risk infection.  The sores are painful enough now that she’s kicking a bit at me when I milk her.  Luckily, she can’t really kick.  The pigs got the milk this morning, something they were very happy about.

Wally and I have gone back and forth as to whether we should sell the pigs or not.  If we did sell them, we’d surely loose money on them.  I worry about not having enough food to feed them.  Working at MM six days a week offered me a good deal of scraps, but now I’m down to five days.  Talking to Rosemoon about the situation was quite helpful.  I guess we’ll keep them and gosh, the meat is good!  The plan is to make some goat cheese lasagna for supper.  Last night, we had some of the sweet potatoes that we dug out on Saturday and were they ever good!!!!  It’s cool consuming food that you’ve grown or raised.  Today I will get some lettuce, arugula and spinach in the back beds.  It’s supposed to rain again on Wednesday so this is a perfect time to do it.

It actually feels good to be able to do things are a leisurely rate.  I haven’t been able to hang around the house for so long in several weeks now.

Until later …

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  1. It was great to see you yesterday, though we were all so tired that the MM environment seemed a little surreal! And the fencing made it home on top of the Subaru just fine!

  2. I think even on a good day, MM is surreal … just got a bed of lettuce, spinach and arugula planted … time for you to do the same thing!!!!!

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