Great ride

Around 10:30, Trophy, Gel and I headed out to South Mountain State Park.  We had the Mountain to ourselves.  It was a great ride except I was stupid and thought that since we’d be going relatively slow I’d leave Trophy’s boots off.  Towards the end of the ride, I could feel that he was getting a bit foot sore.  I got off and lead him down the steepest slopes.  He’s such a game little horse.  I love him to death!  The saddle is working out perfectly.  I’ve been cleaning and oiling it after every ride and it’s starting to return to it’s original condition.  I don’t know why people let their saddles, bridles and other tack get dry and cracked.  You depend on that equipment on a ride and it needs to be taken care of.

As I expected, now I’m wishing i spent more time riding when I wasn’t working.  Should of, could of, would of … regrets do me no good.

We had some severe weather here last night.  Luckily, the worst of the weather was less than ten miles north of us.  I know a number of people who live in the areas where the storm hit so I need to check in with them to see if they are okay.  More severe weather is forecast for today and hopefully the worst of it it will miss us.

Before we headed out to ride, I got a bed of spinach, arugula and salad greens planted.  I have a lot of dirt under my fingernails that I’ll need to clean out before going to work.  Wally said we got heavy rain last night.  I didn’t hear that, just the wind.  Hopefully the seeds didn’t get disturbed.  Our beds are not mounded so they should be okay.

Damn political commercials!!!!!  Next Tuesday can’t come soon enough.  I told Wally that during the presidential elections, we’d need to leave the television off.  If they are going to sling mud at each other, wouldn’t it be a lot more entertaining if they did it literally?

Off to do my morning chores, hoping that I won’t find any damage.

Until later …