If it’s not one thing, it’s another

Usually we are spending the morning fishing sheep out of the pastures, but today, it was the ducks.

About a month ago I expanded out my duck pen to a “pasture.”   Some of the fencing is woven wire designed for horses and the holes in the fence are just two inches square.  A small portion of the fencing is welded wire, again small holes.  The bulk of the fencing is field fencing which has four inch square holes.

Along the front of the pasture where this is field fencing, I put a row of welded wire along front of it so the ducks couldn’t escape.  I was hoping that along the side of the pasture that is all field fenced that the brush that we didn’t clear would be enough to keep the ducks from escaping.  It was, until yesterday.Fern
When I got home, I saw four ducks out in the pasture.  I took Gel out with me and we pushed them back through the field fencing in the sheep pen and then put them back up in their pasture.   In retrospect, I should have dealt with the fencing then rather than working on the design of this Blog, but …

This morning when I came out with the dogs with the intention of doing some agility training, I saw a half a dozen ducks out in the field that is adjacent to the duck pasture.  Great, I thought to myself.  I got Gel out into the pasture and convinced him that it wasn’t sheep he was looking for, but ducks.  He found the ducks and pushed them back through the field fencing.  I then gathered up scraps of welded wire, plastic fencing and hardware cloth and started plugging up the obvious places in the fence where the ducks were getting out.

I needed more fence to finish the job, so I went to the back of the house where I knew I had a few more pieces of plastic fence and came back, only to discover more ducks got out.  I sent Gel and Fern back out in the the pasture and they pushed the ducks back in.  I had both dogs stay on that side of the fence until I finished tacking up the little bit of plastic fence I had left.

Keep in mind that by now I’m dressed for work.  I had on a pair of light blue courdoroy pants, which luckily didn’t get too dirty while I was dealing with the latest group of escapees.  I didn’t have time or fence to finish the job and I expect some of the ducks will get out during the day.  The only saving grace is that they are brown colored, thus harder for predators to see and when threatened, they know enough to go back through the fence.

A stop at Lowe’s is in order on my way home tonight to get more welded wire so I can run it along the field fence to permanently keep the feathered escape artists in.  Oh well, I needed to go to Lowes anyway as I decided instead of making PVC frames for my panels, I’m going to use 1 x 3 pressure treated wood.  That will hold up better than PVC and I can make a wooden brace in the middle of the panel using a hinge so I can lay the panels flat to transport them.  That will be easier than having to drive in posts every time I move them.