November 1 … can you believe it???

I missed my October 15 (the day I was laid off in 2008) anniversary.  If you had asked me three years ago if I’d be doing the things that I am now, I’d probably say Hell no!  I was thinking about that as I milked Gwen this morning.  I remember the first time I milked her.  It took about an hour to get a quart of milk from her.  Good thing Spot came to the rescue.  Gwen has represented a huge learning curve.

I so didn’t want to get up at 5 this morning and go out and milk.  I am so sore.  One of the women I ride with, Dody, told me that after a few more rides like the one we had yesterday I won’t feel this way again.  I hope not.  As best as I can tell, both horses were okay this morning.  I think I over-stressed Al Bin.

Funny how the little things please.  We keep the cow grain in a large barrel near the milk parlor.  When it gets low in the barrel, it’s hard for me to reach in and get it out.  I had to reach in last night to feed Gwen and that was pretty painful.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing it this morning.  When I opened the barrel, I was so pleased to see that when he went out to put up the chickens last night, Wally had pre-filled several buckets for me so I didn’t have to reach in to get it myself.  Oh, he’s a wonderful man!  I’m so easy to please: not!!!!

I watched 60 Minutes last night.  I probably shouldn’t watch that show.  Typical example of how bad news sells.  Last week they had a series on the “99ers” (people that have been on unemployment for 99 weeks).  That was depressing.  This week, they featured a town in Newton, Iowa that has all but been shut down by the recession.  Then they talked about taxing the rich.  Finally, a good story about a race horse named Zenyatta.  I almost think we should not watch television.  Once it comes time for the Presidential elections, I think the television will stay shut off except for the programs we tape that we can fast forward through the commercials.  The commercials for the local elections have been bad enough.  I don’t think it matters a whole lot whom is in office, the economy isn’t going to improve any time soon.  Big change, my foot.  It’s nothing more than grasping at straws.

I’m going to try to develop a new attitude about work.  I do like the job.  I think at this point in time, it would be better for me to simply put my head down and work and not worry about hours being cut, etc. and wait to see what happens.  I sort of think if I hang in long enough, things will get better for me there.  As a friend of mine said yesterday, there are no good jobs out there right now.

Guess I had better go and get in the shower.  A hot shower will probably make me feel a lot better.  Almost as good as taking a bottle of aspirin.

Until later …