Here comes winter …

A bit early, but so it is.  Yesterday, Wally and I cleaned out Gwen’s stall and started construction on two more raised beds.  While it would have been warm in the sun, the wind was blowing from the north and soon it got too cold to be outside.  I’m not looking forward to going outside to care for the animals this morning.  It’s 25, feels like 18.  Lovely.

I came in the house and made a creamy sausage and potato soup.  It hit the spot!!!  It is definitely soup weather.  We have been getting into the pattern of getting the animals taken care of before it gets dark and going to bed really, really early.  It’s nice to be under the covers when it’s this cold.  The only problem with going to bed early is that we need to get up early to keep Gwen on her 12 hour milking schedule.

It’s funny to think of what was my former life, back when I made a lot of money.  I could afford to do a lot of things that I can’t now, but I didn’t have the things that are in my life now that we enjoy so much.   For example, some horse friends of mine went down to the beach with their horses for a week.  They said that I’d have to come the next time they go.  Highly doubt I’ll be able to afford to do that.  Another friend went to a semi-private Robbie Potter clinic on Saturday.  She said I’d need to go to the next one.  Highly doubt I’ll be able to afford that either.  I doubt I can even afford to go to an endurance ride.

Oh well.

When I checked on Saturday, I was the only prep cook on the schedule for Monday morning.  That ought to be interesting.  I think she’s testing me to see if I can handle it alone.  Monday is not the best day for a single prep cook to be on because the cupboard tends to be bare on Mondays.  The only good thing about this is that it will be unlikely that I’ll be sent home early and I really do enjoy being back there by myself.  Maybe I’ll be making the after-the-holidays cut.  That should excite me and I guess it does because that will be my only means of income, but I wish it were more money.  Paying the rent and utilities is going to get hard.

Until later …