Brutal weather

Wally and I continue to do our best to keep the animals comfortable.  The normal highs for this time of year are the mid 50’s.  We haven’t had that warmth in at least a week with no relief in sight; the beginning of the week is going to be just plain awful.  Wally called his friend that he usually goes to the auction with on Thursdays and told him that he wasn’t going to go this week.  He is going to come home to help me do the chores; plus it’s just plain too cold to go to a livestock auction.  There is so much more work involved when it’s this cold.  For the most part, breaking the ice on the top of the water containers is not enough; you need to completely dump the bucket.  I’ll bet the local feed stores are selling a lot of water tank heaters.

I stopped by the local meat processor and got a bunch of beef fat to feed the dogs and chickens to help keep them warm.  Also came home with four buckets of venison scraps.  We left those outside for now because I don’t have anywhere to put them in the house.  Lately, our freezers are full of human food when before it was more animal food.  Wonder what that means?

I think it means that we are starting to look a lot more carefully at what is important in life and what is essentially dead weight.

One of the trainers from MM corporate was at the restaurant yesterday.  Apparently she’s there to help deal with labor issues.  I am told that now instead of coming in at 9:00, the morning staff will start to come in at 9:30.  That will mean at least a half hour less on the clock.  I used to come in at 8:00.  I managed to get in four and three quarters hours yesterday.  Whoopee.  I simply cannot understand why they can’t get rid of the members of the staff that are not doing their jobs and give their hours to the ones that are working.  I guess that’s too simple a fix.

I know eventually everything will work out and things will be fine.  This is just a bump in the road.  It could be a whole hell of a lot worst.  Wally and I are learning to become more and more resilient.  We work together to keep things going.  I feel bad for those people that are in relationships where it is more of a push-me; pull-you type of arrangement.

Until later …