Seed Catalogs!!!!

Nothing brings a breath of warm air to a cold and rainy day like looking through beautiful seed catalogs.  I got the Baker Creek seed catalog a few days ago and received the Southern Exposure catalog yesterday.  This morning, I started compiling my list of seeds to order.  How exciting!!!

The greens are doing really well under the Agribon row cover:

We’ve had lows in the teens and the greens have survived.  I’m looking forward to utilizing the Agribon in early spring to get the summer crops started a few weeks earlier.

It’s raining and cold and a good day to stay in and relax and cook a nice meal.  Yesterday, I bought a ham and that’s what I’ll be cooking.  While I wish I were out riding, I guess hanging in the house is not such a bad thing.

I contacted my homeopath about Gwen’s udder issues and I think we are on track to get her straightened out.  Because I knew it was going to be nasty this morning, I left her calf with her to do the milking.  We’ll see what she looks like Monday morning.

MM continues to be a PITA, but for now, it’s a job and I’ll have to live with it.

Gel got into a brief fight with a roving Pitbull X yesterday when we went up to the Christmas Tree Farm to get the goats and Spot and take them home.  Luckily he’s okay.  Saturday was the last day we will have to bring the goats up there so it won’t happen again.  Good thing Rose didn’t come up with us otherwise there would have been a major dog fight.

Rose has been very active the past few nights.  I always wonder what it is she’s barking at.  Rose has matured into a magnificent livestock guard dog.  She’s going to be almost as hard to replace as Gel is.

Until later …